Edge of consciousness

“Standing on the edge of consciousness – you can cross it.”



If I could choose what my words would be associated with me, I would choose the ones above. With me, i.e. the author of this site (unless another author is specified), drummer Z056 and author of Idea Z056.

These words best describe my approach to the world, i.e. the desire to develop, the desire to cross my borders. Most often it is the limit of consciousness, i.e. the scope of information and understanding at the moment. In other words, my worldview.

This is how it is that conflicts arise between different people’s worldviews. For those who want to solve them, Idea Z056 comes to the rescue – “Since we all eat bread from the same oven – we should get along.” For a long time after formulating the Idea, I thought it was the stupidest in the world. I thought so because I think we all agree that the history of the world is a period of peace and war – rolling over each other, on Earth and our bodies. So how do you talk about getting along with all people? I associated it with the fact that since we all live on the gifts of the Earth, it is like a bread oven for us in the family home – and we are all one big family. Banality, but how to name a group of people speeding through an endless void, on a piece of silicon and iron called Earth? So if humanity is a family, and a real family lives in harmony, let’s end wars. And Idea Z056 reminds about this duty, and therefore the duty towards conscience.

The stupidest idea in the world is meant to help end wars … Is this a joke? No, because I figured out how inspirational it can be. This way is to reduce the number of areas in which we need to get along. And so I look at Idea Z056.

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