The Doors

When opening a vast archive of Z056 recordings, the first is the catalog from 16.12.2007. On this day, i.e. about two years after the band was founded, we started recording our rehearsals. It is a pity that so late, and that these several dozen first recordings are made on a mono track … Listening to these first recordings, I hear the influence of The Doors. Listen to yourself.



The Doors inspired us not only musically. At that time, there was a book circulating among friends (thanks to Ania!) “No One Here Gets Out Alive” by Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman. The book mentions that the “door of perception” described by Aldonus Huxley became the inspiration for the band’s name The Doors.


“Standing on the edge of consciousness – you can cross it.”, is our more pictorial look at “the doors of perception.”


The Doors 1968, Photo by Art Kane
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