Improvisation inspired by the prose of life

Z056 exists as a “band” for a long time. All its members, both present and present, treated music only as a nice addition to the “prose of life” – understood positively. This light treatment of music didn’t stop us from playing for the audience, but it resulted in concert of improvised music in the form of jam sessions. At rehearsals or in front of the audience, we rarely came back to a song – but it also happened to us. The most interesting example of this was The Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd.

Of course, improvised music is not an exact concept. For example, we know the opinion of a “professional” musician who thinks that what most people playing what they have heard before. He also thinks that the worst thing in the world are professionals, because they become craftsmen and cease to be artists and creators.

Referring to the above opinion, we present the field of activity that is most interesting for our band. It’s mean, to searching for a balance between the known and improvisation, which does not destroy the resulting sounds, but creates and develops new ones. And all this while taking into account the freedom of other musicians to the same at the same time. And what about the listener’s satisfaction? It is an unrivaled goal, which does not mean that it is forgotten 😉

To sum up, the music of Z056 is … We would like many to find out how it is with their own ears, because talking about music is like dancing about architecture. And this is the main reason for the creation of this website, regardless of the fate of social media, step by step, to bring our sounds closer to the recipients. The next moments when unexpected and inspiring order emerges from chaos. We give a word!


The prose of life – on the way to the concert of Z056
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