Idea Z056 + english

"If we eat bread from the same oven - we should get along."

Idea Z056

History of Idea Z056

A few years ago, being for a long time far from the companions of the musical journey, but close to them and our music in thoughts - I decided to search. To search for something that in these adverse conditions will move Z056 from the area of life that appears from time to time, when we were lucky to meet, to a more everyday area. In other words, because of my best feelings to the Z056, our music and time spent together, I wanted "this atmosphere this looseness" (following the words of the poet) to be part of live of every persons on Earth and as often as possible. Therefore, I was looking for an "idea" for everyone and I wanted to combine it with the Z056, which is the combine harvester Bizon. And so, step by step, through thoughts of our daily bread and world in peace, I came to the Idea Z056.

Klaudiusz Wlodek

Creator of Idea Z056 😛